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RF-Toolbox Release 7 available

Finally, the new major release of RF-Toolbox is available on the AppStore The new release 7 adds many new features and a re-design of this app. Soon, a similar major release will also be available for Electronic Toolbox. For details about this update, just head to the RF-Toolbox news or just visit the RF-Toolbox website. Kind regards, Marcus This post is also available in: German

Best of the Year 2013
Best of Year 2013-square

My app NetworkToolbox was just rewarded Best of the year 2013 by PC-Magazine (see here…). This is nice as I put a lot of enthusiasm into this app. It is also nice to received those E-Mails from users around the world who were using NetworkToolbox and found spy-ware or a big security wholes in their networks and were able to fix it with my app. Along with this app, I also provide a lot of information that…

Electronic Toolbox Updates

Just right before the weekend: The Windows 8 Version of Electronic Toolbox has been released. Also, fortunately, my Update for the iOS Version will be available on Friday. You will find more information here on So this Friday I will say “TGI Friday” (Thank’s God it’s Friday) which is one of my favorite bars in the US. UPDATE: Electronic Toolbox 6.07.01 is now available. For more information just head to Kind regards, Marcus This post…

New RF-Toolbox update available

A new app update 6.07.01 and data update has been released The new app update adds some more tools and improved functionality but also a lot of design changes. For details about this update, just head to the RF-Toolbox news or just visit the RF-Toolbox website. Kind regards, Marcus This post is also available in: German

creating-your-app home

Here, you can find some of the apps developed by Marcus Roskosch, creating-your-app. Some apps or group of apps have their dedicated websites like,,

Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox are two Apps by creating-your-app dedicated to electronic hobbyists, students and even professionals. Both Apps offer a huge and individual collection of calculations, lookup and reference tools.


Electronic Toolbox

Electronic Toolbox combines electronic reference material with calculation and conversion tools in one handy app. Whether you are professional or hobbyist, the app gives you a collection of the most important electrical information right at your fingertips.

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RF-Toolbox is based on my popular Electronic Toolbox app and contains some of the common tools from Electronic Toolbox but contains a wide range of additional tools, specialized for high frequency electronics, RF professionals, radio amateurs and students.


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Network Toolbox helps to analyze local or public networks for security issues or wrong configurations.

Network Toolbox

Don’t make it too easy for NSA Prism or Chinese Hackers to spy out your network – don’t trust the evil.

Here are some demo videos available.

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Stop watching us
Network Toolbox supports the STOP WATCHING US campaign of freepress



iCluster – The DX-Cluster database

iCluster for HAMs (Radio amateurs), SWL (Short wave radio listeners) or for everybody who want’s to know, what’s going on on the amateur radio frequencies.

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iCluster on the Windows Store

iCluster on the AppStore

Offshore Radio

All ships, all anchorpositions, all programs, all DJs and lots of technical and background information.

The mid 1960s to the mid 1970s were the mainyears of offshore broadcasting, better known as Pirate Radio Stations. This App shows all offshore broadcasting stations from 1958, beginning with the Swedish Radio Mercur until today.


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Time and Frequency

Time rules our life more than ever. Everybody uses clocks everytime, everywhere. But did you ever wonder, how and especially how exactly time can be measured? Then this App is right for you. It provides indepth background information about atomic clocks and the so called Time Dissemination Services.


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This app combines the built-in WLAN capabilities of B&K Precisions XLN-GL power supplies with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to fully monitor and control one or more XLN-GL power sources via your local WiFi network..


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The free NXP application allows engineers to search, buy and share more than 10,000 products parts from NXP‘s High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Products portfolio anytime, anywhere on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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Corporate Wording® Thesaurus

This app is a dictionary with 15,000 Keywords in American English and 120,000 Synonyms for anyone who has to communicate. It is for people who want to communicate more effectively with colleagues, superiors, clients and even friends. And for those who are frustrated with communication difficulties between departments or colleagues, who feels that they are “speaking another language.” Lastly it is for “big picture” people, those responsible for Corporate Identity and Image. The Effective and Successful Synonym Dictionary for Excellent Communication, Professional Style, Pleasant Climate and Attractive Words. Create resonant and spot-on communications with the help of the four color dimensions from Hans-Peter Förster!


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Repair Database – The Electronic Repair Reference Database

Many repairs do not seem worth their while because too much time is spent searching for essential service information. The required information is often not available or needs to be ordered, costing time and money! Shorten your repair time, save time and money when searching for important information. Since identical failures often occur at some point in a large percentage of a given model or product line.


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